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Your liaison office for

Europe and Latin America

We offer the services of a team specialized in project management and international business that will actively assist you in the implementation of your plans in the European Union and/or in Latin America.

Our highly networked and experienced team will help you to enter the market without any fixed costs.

You recognize the market potential of the European Union and Latin America and ask yourself:

  • How can my company benefit from the EU-Mercosur free trade agreement?
  • Who can carry out a serious local market study?
  • Do we need to put our own staff in that market?
  • How can language barriers be overcome?

The EU is the largest market in the world / Latin America is a large market with 650 million consumers

The Free Trade Agreement between the EU and the Mercosur is imminent

Imports and Exports in different economic areas

Ratio of direct and received direct investment in different economic areas

IMEXport will help you achieve the objectives of your internationalization project in the European Union or Latin America

Do you need to establish business contacts?

For instance with a chamber of commerce and industry, with potential suppliers, with possible distributors, with service providers?


Do you want to conduct a study?

For example a market research for your product, for a distribution network, for a technical service?


Do you want to import something necessary for your business?

For example you might need machinery from a country in the European Union, or supplies or you might want to use a process under license. Latin America traditionally exports food, minerals and raw materials but also has diversified industrial and service sectors, some of which are integrated with the EU and have huge potential through the EU-Mercosur free trade agreement.


Do you want to export your product or service?

Do you need to contact potential distributors or representatives? Do you want to evaluate the market potential of your product? Do you want to know if there are restrictions, or sanitary conditions for your product?

Do you want to create a distribution channel?

If you are a manufacturer you may need wholesalers. If you are a wholesaler you may need retailers. The establishment of an effective distribution network requires a studied approach because it is increasingly considered as a critical asset.

Do you want to exhibit your product?

For example participating in a fair individually or in a group, or through another form to be defined to exhibit and explain your product or service in the local language.

This is how it works

1. During a first teleconference we understand your objectives.

2. Together we define a first work package.

3. IMEXport performs this work package and presents it to you.

4. Together we define the following steps.

We will use teleconferences and other modern tools that will help us to collaborate effectively and efficiently.

Commercial contacts




Import or Export


Exhibit and promote

Our proposal: let’s talk about the best course of action for your opportunity

Main contact person:

Orlando Casabonne

Project Management Professional

Master of International Business

+49 (0)761 156 21 50 (landline)



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